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It Will Break Beautifully

Do we see a consciously created composition made of geometric figures in the case of the boat’s cylindrical section, or stones set aside or perhaps forgotten on the steps?
I think everyone sees what they want to see.

Site and time specific – the object is determined not only by its destination but also by the time and material available at that time and place, thus limiting its birth and its duration of existence in a particular place.

Site-specific names – playing with words in the language I don’t know, but which is at home in the place where the object or installation was created, is part of the process of thinking through the possibilities.

Scale – because I make all the objects myself, I am also my own scale. When designing, I take into account the limits imposed by the strength and dimensions of my body, the adherence to time, and corrosion/decay as the moment of birth also includes the moment of extinction. I am interested not only in the process of making an object but also in the process of its ageing.