Small Batteries of Vitality
A series of small sculptural forms

The series is a reference to the research undertaken in the PhD dissertation The Revolt of Things (2021). Among other things, it concerns the hybrid intertwining of the anthropomorphization of things and the reification of the subject. The result of the creative work at the Art Symposium held at the Morawa Palace is a series of candles characterized by a certain ambiguity typical of activities on the borderline between the corporeal and the material. I gave a special meaning to the candle model with the working title Venus 2022 AD. This work addresses the issue of changes over the centuries in the perception of human corporeality, fertility and motherhood. Venus 2022 AD is based on the contrast of a figure symbolizing the archetype of fertility with a contemporary functional form. The candlelight provokes reflection on two levels: one concerning the boundaries between art and functional form, and a more metaphysical one, related to the symbolism of life and transience.