Photography, frame, stretch film

For centuries art has been reflecting changes in the development of society and the artist’s imagination. Adopting new techniques, styles and adherence to fixed canons, photography has also experienced different shifts – from black and white to color, from analog to digital, and from 2D to multimedia work. Reflecting on those shifts the work MORALACE has been created.

Morawa Palace is presented in the photograph, mimicking with its frame the traditional expositions of the palace. The film placed in the shape of Poland’s map over the photo adds a historical comment on the changes in territory ownership. But the real shift is in the fact that artificial intelligence served me to expand my creativity. The text “Morawa Palace in Silesia, Poland. Symposium, people. Mixed media. Black and white photo. 35 mm photography, 50 mm, ratio 3:2” was used in the program DALL-E 2 to generate the image. The photography work was created with no contact with reality, while photography itself is based on some form of it.

Land art
Stones, soil

How to understand that something is shifting? What is the frequency of shifting? How do the shifts differ from each other? Is stability a normal alternative to a shift? What is stable in the history of mankind? The shifts.

My land art work SHIFSTORY is a reflection on all the above-mentioned questions. Made with natural materials such as soil and stones, it also comments on the changing history of the Morawa Palace and its territories.