2019 | 2017 ]

1969 born in Salgotarjan, Hungary
2003 University of Applied Arts, Budapest, Hungary
1996 founder and art director of the International Contemporary Art Symposion
2008 residence Art Center Fayoum, Egypt
2011 artist in residence Santa Catalina, Monterey, USA
2016 Artist in residence Dresden, Germany
2018 Hungarian Academy scholarship, Rom, Italy


In my artworks I have long been concerned with the subject of the simultaneous presence of reality and surreality as well as with the question of the possibility of an expandable dimension of time. I have already worked in many areas of visual art – in almost all letterpress and gravure printing techniques, such as lithography, linocut, material printing, etching (aquatinte), paper printing, algrafie, monotype and mixed techniques aswell as traditional oilpaintings, light installations and performing installations. The current installation was created in the Cered Artcolony with the involvement of the participating artists. The authentic preparation of the Last Supper was documented during consumption while the current global economic problems were raised.