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(b. 1978)
He graduated from the ZSB Vocational High School in Kalisz in 1997 (a specialist bricklayer and stucco artist). He graduated from the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław with a diploma in painting under professor Christos Mandzios (2005). He studied in Josef Jankovic’s studio in Vysoká Škola Výtvarných Umení in Bratislava. Since 2006, he has been employed at Wrocław’s Academy, until 2019 as a stucco master. Since 2009, he has been an assistant of prof. Christos Mandzios, prof. Aleksander M. Zyśko and prof. Mateusz Dworski in the stucco workshop. Currently, he teaches the basics of stucco work for first-year sculpture students and small form and medallic art as an assistant of prof. Mateusz Dworski. He is an organizer and founder of the Plastic Studio and author of many stucco and conservation projects in Wrocław, Dobrzyca, Kalisz and Bydgoszcz among others. He has made several sculptures in public places, e.g. in France, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. He has participated in numerous sculpture symposiums in Poland, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. He has been awarded with the 3rd degree Meritorious Honorary Blood Donor Decoration. He cooperates with foundations helping people and animals.


Am I an artist at all? I grew up in a small village as the son of a state farm worker and a railroad crossing operator. Love for nature, respect for nature and caring for the weak are a natural part of rural life. Growing up in a large family, in the tradition of kissing a slice of bread when it falls to the ground, does not always allow me to easily look at the changing world of pride, glitz, hypocrisy and consumerism. I do not deny the modern world. I learn to live in it but I also try to comment and express my anxiety.

I work on the verge of art, being aware of my weaknesses. I am not looking for my own style, which will appear in due time. My artistic statements result from my intuition and a strange feeling about the finished work. But you can feel safe with me. I do not insult, laugh at and mock the weaker ones. I rather create a weird kind of organized mess around me, a collection of museum and discarded objects that were once sculptures or had completely different functions.

Am I original and unique? The path I have chosen was paved by other artists, from Duchamp to Cattelan, a long time ago. I do not consider myself a creator of the language of my statements, but rather a kind of poet who uses the language of art.