She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. Diploma in 1995. She obtained a doctorate in 2015 entitled; Between space, idea and presence. Creative activities to-wards an open form. Habilitation in 2020 based on a series of audiovisual installations and activities entitled; Transitions. On the way between an idea and an event. In the years 1997-2002 she was a lecturer at Wrocław Schools of Photography; Pho Bos, Afa College of Photography. She cooperated with the Active Culture Society, implementing projects in the field of education and art. She conducted workshops with youth in therapeutic centers, orphanages, and with disabled youth, in cooperation with the Handicap Foundation. She conducts art workshops in Poland and abroad. Currently, she works at his home university, conducting classes with students at the Intermedia and Photography Studio at the Department of Sculpture and Spatial Activities. She often collaborates with other artists and groups. Since the first edition, she has been associated with the WRO festival in Wrocław, where she has presented her installations and films many times, and with the Entropia Gallery. She is an animator of artistic life, as a curator of the annual series of Intermedia Art exhibitions at the “Wrocław Underwater” Festival. Her works are in the collection of the Lower Silesian Society of Fine Arts and in the collection of the Wrocław Contemporary Museum. She has created many collective and individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad. She was invited to international art festivals: “AVE Audio Visueel Ex-perimenteel festival” The Netherlands. “Media Sheffield Show” UK, Individual exhibition of the E.W Gallery, Creteil Paris, France and others. She received the jury’s award at the “Other Media” exhibition at BWA Wrocław.


An intermedia artist who has been working for many years within: art of ideas, concept, installation space, object, sculpture, drawing, graphics, photography, film, performance, video-art. These activities are often complemented by theoretical layer, actions, speeches depending on the social relations based on interaction and dialogue or in relation to one’s own subjectivity. She creates multi-layer projects in the nature of a creative cognitive experiment, spatial installations, objects using film, light, sound, words and mean-ings. She practices art combining many fields of media and experience. She often creates projects that are open, spread over time, process-related, based on meetings, activities, contact, constructed on many levels. She belongs to an informal group of female artists who carry out exhibition cycles. For several years she was involved in experimental the-ater and worked in the sphere of performative-movement expression, discovering her potential through movement, improvisation and body in an alternative theater seeking Wrocławska Grupa Działań Teatralnych.