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Born in 1977, painter, scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture, the Bavarian Government and non-governmental organizations. Laureate of the “Bielska Jesień” Painting Festival, the Painting Festival in Szczecin and other competitions. Member of the Academy of Young Scholars and Art-ists. He runs a painting studio and manages the PhD program at the Academy of Fine Art and De-sign in Wrocław. He is a curator and publishes texts on art (QuArt, Layers, Format, Aspirations). He edited several exhibition catalogs and other publications (Excess and Lack).


My interests include vanitas iconography, relations of modernism with hermeticism, relations of painting processes with physical and chemical phenomena. Using unconventional painting meth-ods, I combine figurative and abstract elements. I am interested in the incompletion and fragmenta-tion of the processes of perception and imaging. Referring to the idea of “an image accessible with one look”, I use the aesthetics of destruct and non finito. Most of the exhibition projects I carried out related to corporeality and mortality (Late Symptoms of Death), relations between modernism and the Renaissance and antiquity (Details / Przestrzenie w Państwowej Galeria Sztuki in Sopot), witch trials (Incantations and Nietota at Wrocław Contemporary Museum) and changes in the natu-ral environment (Heliotropie, Science / Fiction and La force des plantes at the Musee des Arts et Metiers in Paris).