2019 ]

Katarzyna Koczyńska-Kielan, a graduate of the PWSSP in Wrocław (now the Academy of Fine Arts), diploma (1987) in ceramics design. Lecturer at her alma mater, holding the position of professor since 2008. 1996 – 2001 vice-dean of the Faculty of Ceramics and Glass; 2005 – 2008 head of the Department of Ceramics. Featured, among others 2017 – SILESIA Lower Silesian Cultural Award, in 2019 with the Silver Cross of Merit.
Artistic activity, curator and mentor in the field of visual arts. She has held numerous artistic residencies, incl. in China, Portugal and Germany. Participant of international symposia and conferences. She presented her works at 24 individual and over 100 collective exhibitions. Her works are parts of the collections in Poland and abroad.


Active in the field of visual arts, specializing in ceramic sculpture. In my works that can be classified as organic geometry, I enter into a dialogue with space. In numerous projects, the geometry of the shell fragments, in contrast to the expression of the structure, creates tensions that build the organic form, which is a record of memory and emotions. On this basis, my works have also been classified as a discursive abstraction. I build a dialogue between the form and its materiality, and the space that opens up in it, reflecting the emptiness and transcendence that can only exist in contrast to what is physical in them. An important element for me is creative freedom, which I achieve thorough knowledge of the workshop, which translates into a conscious and self-limiting use of the artistic means used in individual projects.