2018 ]

Katarzyna Józefowicz was born in 1959 in Lublin. She studied at the Faculty of Sculpture at the National School of Fine Arts in Gdańsk in the Sculpture Studio of Prof. Edward Sitek in 1981-1986. Author of drawings, installations, sculptures and objects. Her works were presented at many collective and individual exhibitions. Currently she lives and works in Gdańsk, Poland.


I am inspired by what is common, ordinary, mutual and colloquial. Through my everyday life I describe reality, and have been trying over the years, to relate to the world around me from a very personal perspective. As I gather and interpret the impulses from my surroundings and transform them into objects that reflect them, I often collect materials that are part of my everyday life. Among such ordinary materials is paper, the most fre-quently used by me. I make use of its properties: lightness, transience and imperma-nence and the roles associated with it. I occupy the space that I define, occasionally I mark it and draw it
out with the use of glues, stitches and signs.