2018 ]

He is a visual artist, assistant professor at Wrocław’s Academy of Art and Design and author/co-author of a few dozen exhibitions. In the years 2011–2019, he was a participant in the Silesium project, which reinterpreted the historical and cultural state of Lower Silesia. Since 2005, he has been connected with the SURVIVAL art reviews, showing his installations and objects at six editions of the festival. He has collaborated with ArtTransparent Foundation of Contemporary Art, curating various projects at Mieszkanie Gepperta Contemporary Art Gallery.


My painting stems from a double source, which includes an imaginarium of unconsciousness and a need to work with visual contents of painting matter. These two components have conflicting goals, so the latter sometimes contradicts the manifestation of energy, which is the objective of the former. Therefore I always have to allow for the possibility of the existence of unstatistic parameters located in the field where chance takes an opposite role to the one it has in the general principle determined by the requirements of the painter’s craft. References to ancient concepts of structure and nature of the world are, in my opinion, linked to a great archive of innumerable past perceptions. My performances, objects and installations are my attempts to define the boundaries of scientific study of natural phenomena, such as the direction of the passage of time or gravity.