2019 ]

In the years 1977–1982, she studied at the State School of Fine Arts (currently the Academy of Art and Design) in Wrocław. She graduated with honours with a diploma in painting under professor Konrad Jarodzki in 1982. Since 1982, she has been teaching at her alma mater, currently as professor and head of one of the painting studios. She works with painting and drawing. She authored such series of works as “Praforms”, “Cult Landscape”, “Trophies, “On Antinomy”. She often curates exhibitions (“Humbug”, “Closed System”) and co-authors the Silesium project, in which together with a group of artists she takes up the subject of culture and history of Lower Silesia (“Palimpsest”, “Ideoforms”, “Permanent Singularity”, “Aberrations”).


My artistic activity focuses on social issues which are important for my life. This is the reason why the messages I communicate originate from my personal perspective and are targeted at various recipients while touching on universal problems.