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Anna Bujak – sculptor, author of installations and drawings, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław (2011). She earned her PhD in the field of Fine Art phd (2017). Laureate of scholarships and artistic competitions, including: the Jerzy Grotowski scholarship (2014), the Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2011), nominated for the Gazeta Wyborcza cultural award wARTo (2015). Her works presented on many individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad.


For me, sculpture is the medium through which I communicate ideas. I am interested in the human condition in a world full of new technologies, where everything becomes a substitute, human relationship with anthropocentric Nature, his longing for an irretrievably lost world of safe childhood, imaginary wildness of nature, fear of “naked” life. In my works I strive for more and more basic forms, I reject more and more elements. The forms are minimal, the title of the work plays an important role, which also “builds” the visual form. I am trying to abstract something like a perfect, pure form that will be “sharp” in its message.